Westwood School Traffic Supervisors

The Westwood Police Department currently employs fourteen permanent and four substitute school crossing guards.  These dedicated individuals are charged with controlling the flow of traffic in and around our schools.   The crossing guards are provided a full uniform so they can be easily identifiable.  They receive training in CPR, first aid, as well as traffic control and direction.  It is a violation of the Town of Westwood by-laws to fail to comply with an order given by a School Traffic Supervisor.  A violation of this by-law carries a fine of $50.00.

Some of the women crossing guards also serve as matrons, getting called in to monitor female arrestees.  They undergo additional training in areas such as search techniques, booking procedures and suicide prevention.

Anyone interested in becoming a school traffic supervisor should consider becoming a substitute as the permanent positions are always offered to the substitutes first.

Sgt. Sicard is in charge of the Traffic Supervisors, if you have any questions about their duties or employment.