Employment Information


Police Officers

The Westwood Police Department is a non civil service police department.  This means that there is an open competitive hiring process for positions.  Our goal is to recruit, hire and retain the most professional police officers from a wide variety of sources.  The Westwood Police Department will be holding a Police Officer Examination on Saturday April 8th, 2017.  


Existing police officers from inside and outside of Massachusetts are also encouraged to apply, but ALL applicants must participate in the Westwood Police hiring process. Should any full-time certified police officers be selected for appointment as a Westwood police officer, the recruit academy or portions thereof may be waived subject to the approval of the Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Committee.

Are you willing to accept the challenge and become a Westwood police officer?  Are you ready to join the ranks of some of the highest trained and most respected, professional police officers in any department of any size from any jurisdiction?  


Public Safety Dispatchers


The public safety answering point for the Town of Westwood is located in the police department. All 911 calls from within Westwood are answered here and all police and fire dispatch is performed by our Public Safety Dispatchers. 

The Westwood Police Department just completed a hiring process for a Public Safety Dispatcher.  Over 300 applicants applied for just 1 position, but the Police Department is looking to expand dispatch services in 2017.  For those applicants that did not get selected, understand that the competition was fierce and that you may very well be called as we expand our communications center.  Any employment updates will be posted here, so check back often to stay updated.

Westwood Traffic Supervisors


Traffic Supervisors assist school children in crossing streets at the start and end of each school day. Some of the women crossing guards also serve as matrons, getting called in to monitor female arrestees. They undergo additional training in areas such as search techniques, booking procedures, and suicide prevention.


Anyone interested in becoming a school traffic supervisor should consider becoming a substitute as the permanent positions are always offered to the substitutes first. Applications can be picked up at the front desk of the police station.


Sgt. Sicard is in charge of the Traffic Supervisors, if you have any questions about their duties or employment.