Department Roster


All members of the department have voice mailboxes. To leave a message please call Communications at  781.320.1000  and ask to leave a message for the officer.




Chief of Police Jeffrey Silva   email
Lieutenant Christopher Sheehy   email
Lieutenant Leo Hoban   email
Sergeant Paul Sicard   email
Sergeant John Saleda   email
Sergeant Kevin McDonald   email
Sergeant Joseph Vinci   email
Sergeant George Daher   email
Detective Paul Toland   email
Detective Derrick Stokes   email
Detective Donald Murphy   email
Officer Timothy Foley   email
Officer Stephen Conley   email
Officer Eladio Sanchez   email
Officer Daniel Fafara   email
Officer Maryellen Smith   email
Officer Brad Pindel   email
Officer Kathryn McCarron   email
Officer Domenic Abbatangelo   email
Officer Mark Randlett   email
Officer Christopher Aylward   email
Officer William Sheehan   email
Officer Jeremy Lenzo   email
Officer Michael DiLalla   email
K9 Officer Sean Pillai   email
Officer Elvis Nguyen   email
Officer Gerald Murphy   email
Officer Evan Brent   email
Officer Heather Rose   email
Officer Mark Hedberg   email
Communications Supervisor John Chisholm   email
Communications Officer Mary LaFleur   email
Communications/ Reserve Officer Scott Bruno   email
Communications/ Reserve Officer Brian Kamp   email
Communications/ Reserve Officer Dorothy Mucciarone   email
Communications/ Reserve Officer Paul Hogan   email
Communications /Reserve Officer Steven Cromack   email
Communications Officer Andrea Fernez   email
Communications Officer Andrew Fiumedora   email
Animal Control Officer Paul Jolicoeur   email
Assistant Animal Control Officer Jason Roberts   email
Office Manager Leigh Hardy   email
Administrative Clerk Mary Ellen Buchanan   email

** All emails to School Traffic Supervisors are initally directed to Sgt. Paul Sicard **

Traffic Supervisor Sharyn Feeney (High St @ Jr. High/ Middle School)   email
Traffic Supervisor Barbara Hassenfus (Hartford/Highrock Sts/ Middle School)   email
Traffic Supervisor Cindy Mingels (Nahatan St)   email
Traffic Supervisor Jennifer Ferraro (Smith Dr/Downey St)   email
Traffic Supervisor Ellen Hart (East St/Smith Dr)   email
Traffic Supervisor Marge Sykes (Washington St/ Croft Regis Rd)   email
Traffic Supervisor Christine Blake(Gay St/Pine Lane)  


Traffic Supervisor Deidre Slocum (Gay St/Croft Regis Rd)   email
Traffic Supervisor Clair Cachelin (Pond St/Sheehan School)   email
Traffic Supervisor Bruce Cook (High/Mill Sts)   email
Traffic Supervisor Maureen Dalton (High St/MIllbrook Rd)   email
Traffic Supervisor Kelly Carmichael (Oak St/Spruce Dr)   email
Traffic Supervisor Sandy Pindel (High St/Deerfield Path)