Substance Abuse Resources

The Westwood Police Department is dedicated to ensuring the Town of Westwood and its’ residents have proper access to resources, which may help an individual and/or families suffering from a substance abuse problem.  Please see the information and links below.  If you have any questions, give us a call or stop in and request to speak with an officer. 




The Westwood Police Department recommends residents contact their Primary Care Physician in they want to find treatment opportunities.


To find treatment on your own, use the services of the Department of Public Health, Bureau of Substance Abuse Services.  You can call 800-327-5050 or use the online tool at


Involuntary Commitment by the Courts


Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 123, Section 35 permits the courts to involuntarily commit someone whose alcohol or drug use puts themselves or others at risk.  Such a commitment can lead to an inpatient substance abuse treatment for a period of up to 90 days.


For information on having an individual committed to treatment under Section 35 please click here. 


A section 35 order is issued by the court. An order can be enforced by the police, but only during hours when the court is open. The police will not hold someone, but can only transport them directly to court on a Ch 123s35 order.


Get Free Legal Assistance with Section 35 petitions contact: Section 35 Helpline* (844) 843-6221 or


*The ‘SECTION 35’ HELPLINE is a pilot project created by Massachusetts Bar Association President, Robert W. Harnais, to help friends and families who are struggling with a loved one’s substance abuse.  Callers will be referred to volunteer lawyers for assistance*


Good Samaritan Law


The 911 Good Samaritan law provides protection from drug possession charges when an overdose victim or an overdose witness seeks medical attention. This law helps reduce overdose deaths by removing barriers to calling 911 for medical assistance, a crucial step in saving the life of someone experiencing an overdose.


Don't Run, Call 911!



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