Order a Police Detail

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Utility/Road work performed for an “outside detail” will be at a minimum of four (4)
hours. For each outside detail that is in excess of four (4) hours duration, the
minimum pay shall be eight (8) hours. In addition, an administrative fee of 10%
will also be charged.

For any town detail not involving roadwork, such as Westwood Public Schools,
churches, and any other non-profit organization, the minimum detail pay shall be
three (3) hours, with one (1) hour increments thereafter.

Additionally, for any detail where a police cruiser is required, there will be an
additional charge of ten dollars per hour ($10.00) with a four (4) hour minimum,
with one (1) hour increments thereafter.

**If you are requesting an ASAP detail, contact Dispatch (781) 320-1000 immediately after submitting this form. 

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