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Any member of the public may request from the Westwood Police information about registered sex offenders. You may request information about whether a particular person is a registered sex offender, whether a sex offender lives on a particular street, or whether a sex offender lives or works within the same town as a given address.

Members of the public need to present the completed request form (Request for Sex Offender Information Form.  with positive identification at the police station, and the information will be mailed to them in two or three business days. There is no charge for getting this information.

This list is only a list of individuals who are currently classified as Level 2 or Level 3 sex offenders.  Level 1 sex offenders are considered a low risk of re-offending and as such their registration information is available only to law-enforcement officers and not the public.  This list should not be construed as to include all dangerous individuals who may live or work in Westwood.  There may be other dangerous individuals who have not been caught, not been convicted, whose offense does not at this time come under the Sex Offender Registration law, who have not yet been classified by the Sex Offender Registry Board or who currently have court injunctions preventing the release of their information.

Additional information can be found at the Sex Offender Registry Board Website (SORB)

Complete the form linked below to be added to an email notification which will notify you if we have a change to the list of Westwood's known sex offenders. We can only email information for level 3 offenders. Information on level 2 offenders requires an information request.

Sex Offender Notification

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