Firearm Licensing FAQs

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  • Are state-approved trigger locks required any time a trigger lock is used?

  • Can a Massachusetts resident sell a gun without being a licensed dealer?

  • Can a nonresident obtain a permit to carry a weapon in MA?

  • Can I leave my gun in my car?

  • Can I use my own trigger lock?

  • Do I need an FID Card or an LTC Firearms to possess a gun in my home?

  • Do I need to lock my non-large capacity rifles and shotguns in a case while transporting them in a vehicle

  • Do weapons purchased by MA residents while in another state have to be reported in MA?

  • How do I transport a gun in my vehicle?

  • How many guns a year can a person sell without being a dealer?

  • I am changing my address. Who do I notify?

  • Is a license required to possess an air gun or ammunition?

  • Should a special form be used when selling guns through a private sale?

  • Should all weapons sold within the Commonwealth be equipped with a safety lock?

  • What are the policies concerning LTC/FID cards and restraining orders?

  • When should I renew my FID card?

  • Where do I apply for a License to Carry (LTC) or a Firearms ID Card?